Pathfinder Virtual Tabletops

Paizo Publishing is licensing out the Pathfinder RPG for third-party virtual tabletop applications. The company has singed deals with two VTT providors, Mesa Mundi for D20PRO and Smite Works for Fantasy Grounds, and is soon expected to sign with Roll20.

The new licensing arrangements will allow the companies to incorporate the full Pathfinder RPG ruleset, as well as Pathfinder adventure paths and modules, artwork included. Material is expected to start showing up on these services early next year.

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storm-kings-thunderThe latest story-line for Dungeons & Dragons saw its official launch this week with the full retail release of the Storm King’s Thunder adventure book ($50 suggested retail). Developed in-house at Wizards of the Coast, Storm King’s Thunder sees the player characters defending the Sword Coast in The Forgotten Realms against the depredations of ravaging giants.

The adventure covers character levels 1-11, for the first five in a more traditional progression and in the later levels with a modular approach. The book includes an adventure flowchart to help guide the dungeon master, as well as an appendix with suggestions for integrating it with other published adventures. Part of the story involves the characters making use of the giants’ own rune magic to craft new fantastic items.

For those playing Dungeons & Dragons remotely online, licensed versions of Storm King’s Thunder are also available in Fantasy Grounds ($35) and Roll20 ($50). The story line makes an appearance as an expansion to the Neverwinter MMO. And coming from WizKids are a Storm King’s Thunder Icons of the Realms miniatures series (later this month) and an Assault of the Giants board game ($100, May 2017).

icons-of-the-realms-storm-kings-thunder assault-of-the-giants

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D&D: Rage of Demons

What’s the biggest, baddest dungeon in Dungeons & Dragons? I’d have to go with the Underdark, the cavernous maze that spans an entire game world. This world under the world is the setting for Wizards of the Coast’s next storyline, Rage of Demons.

And yes, there’s a Drizzt.

Rage of Demons cover


The main concept behind the new storyline involves a demonic invasion of the Underdark with adventurers traveling “with the iconic hero Drizzt Do’Urden”. Like the previous storylines, Rage of Demons will be told through the tabletop roleplaying game and electronic (PC and Xbox One) games. The Neverwinter: Underdark expansion for the Neverwinter MMO will be released in 2015 (with the Xbox version coming after the PC version) while the Out of the Abyss adventure for D&D 5th Edition is scheduled for the fall. Partner companies WizKids, who have developed games for the D&D line; Gale Force Nine, who did the DM Screens for the earlier storyline adventures; and Smiteworks, who have developed Fantasy Grounds, a virtual tabletop product supporting D&D, are all on board for Rage of Demons.

Earlier storylines had their tabletop campaigns developed by third-party companies: Tyranny of Dragons’ Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat were developed by Wolfgang Bauer’s Kobold Press while Elemental Evil’s Princes of the Apocalypse was developed by Rich Baker’s Sasquatch Game Studio. Out of Abyss will be developed by Green Ronin, who have previously done the Dragon Age RPG, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, the Freeport setting for D&D 3.5 (and Paizo’s Pathfinder game), among others. Out of the Abyss will be a single volume book, like Princes of the Apocalypse.

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VTT for D&D

With a license from Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Grounds has added official Dungeons & Dragons content to its online virtual tabletop. This includes all the material necessary to generate characters in the 12 core classes, spawn every monster from the Monster Manual, and run the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure that was included in the D&D Starter Set.

In addition to the basic Fantasy Grounds registration fee ($39 for a single GM or player, or $149 for a GM and all the GM’s players) the D&D Complete Core Class Pack and the D&D Complete Core Monster Pack each cost $50, and the adventure another $20.

Once registered, players can run the virtual tabletop through the Fantasy Grounds website or Steam.

Fantasy Grounds D&D 5 Content

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