Days of Wonder has just announced The Thieves of Naquala, a mini-expansion for the excellent Five Tribes. The expansion contains 6 Thieve Cards and 1 new Djinn Card. Thieves work similarly to Djinns, but are less powerful.

The expansion should be on shelves in June, and will retail for around $6. You can check out the rules for the expansion here.


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amazon_logoThe Amazon Boardgame sale has gone live. For the past few years, Amazon.com has been holding a boardgame sale on the Saturday during Gen Con, with the occasional addition of new games over the course of the day. Games are generally marked down to 50% of MSRP. The only RPG being offered at the moment is the Fate Core rulebook. Boardgames (at the moment) include Five Tribes, Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak, Dixit, Tzolk’in, Flash Point, Libertalia, Tsuro, Tokaido, Ticket to Ride Europe, Kingdom Builder, and more. The boardgame sale is a one-day event.


Edit: Today is no longer the Saturday of Gen Con.


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Many of you are home today celebrating Father’s Day, and hopefully that includes playing some games!

In our house we’ll be playing some Five Tribes, Star Realms, a LOT of the Pokemon CCG, Boss Monster 2, and maybe even some Heavy Steam. After all, what better way to celebrate being a dad than making your family play games with you! (half-kidding)

What has hit/will be hitting your table today?

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Five Tribes Available for Pre-Order

ft-home_picture1Days of Wonder’s latest title, Five Tribes, is now available for pre-order through their site.

As a stranger in a new land, players are thrust into a competition for very control of the now sultan-less Naqala. Do your best to unite the five tribes and exert the most influence over the land to become the victor. Like most Days of Wonders game, Five Tribes is billed as being simple to learn, yet carrying enough depth for seasoned gamers.

The game is $60,  is meant for 2-4 players aged 13+, and should last from 40-80 minutes.


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