Flick em UpPretzel Games is a new company from F2Z Entertainment, which are subsidiaries of Z-Man Games and Filosofia. Before the end of this summer, Pretzel Games will launch the first in what the company hopes will be a long line of high-quality dexterity based games.

Flick ’em Up! is western themed game where players literally flick their way to being the fasted gun in the West. Set up an old timey town, made from high-quality wooden storefront facades, and grab your player token, which looks like a gunslinger with a removable cowboy hat, because this is going to be the wildest game you’ve played on your kitchen table.

Players build a town from the included storefronts and choose from 10 scenarios that give you the option to join forces with the town’s sheriff, or team up with outlaws for a good-time ruckus.

Using flick discs, players move around through the town taking down their opponents. When it comes time for a shootout, use special flick discs that are designated as the bullet to try to beat your opponents’.

Flick ’em Up! comes in a slick wooden box and features wooden cacti, barrels, town buildings, and cowboys. It is scheduled for a July release with a retail price of $70. It is currently available at Gen Con from the Pretzel Games booth where you can demo the game.

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