Civicus Dice GameJust when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more out there for Civilization fans, Civicus Dice Game shows up. The settlement building strategy dice game has players earning victory points for developing a well-balanced community. Manage technology, settlements, farms, markets, and more to create the ultimate empire.

If you ever secretly wished you could live the life of a spy, jet setting around the world, gathering intelligence and stealing secrets from enemies, Operation Berlin is where you want to be. This mystery board game puts players into the rolls of spies, traveling though Berlin, searching for secret Nazi military operations in order to stop the war.

Loop Inc.

Imagine a world where time travel is common, so common that major corporations have figured out a way to profit. Will the big dogs turn time travel into a mismanaged mess? As a worker in Loop Inc., players jump through time, trying to make as much money across three trips. Avoiding your yesterday self makes things even more complicated. The player with the most profitable trip back in time wins.

Boot LootFrom ancient history to the future, and now to the high-seas. Boot Loot is a game of piracy, and not the digital kind. In this dice game, players enter the world of swashbuckling pirates to plunder, loot, and betray their friends. Using a mechanic similar to Zombie Dice, players collect as much booty as possible. The player to collect the most coins from each voyage wins.

If you prefer to head back into the forest of high-fantasy for your adventures, Foe Hunter will calm your nerves. In this cooperative deck-building game, players select a hero and head out on a hunt to kill enemies using a wide variety of helpful cards.

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