Afternoon tea at the St. James Hotel and Club in London was put together by Executive Head Chef, William Drabble around a board game theme.

Snakes and Ladders: Dark chocolate filled with milk chocolate mousse topped with cherries marinated in Kirsch, snakeskin print chocolate, chocolate ladder, passion fruit marshmallow snake.

Monopoly: Top Hat Dark chocolate hat filled with a blood orange mousse, set on a gluten-free dark chocolate sponge, topped with a blood orange jelly, finished with a dark chocolate and silver glaze.

Chess Board: Chocolate and vanilla shortbread looking like a chess board filled with a dulcey ganache (caramalised white chocolate) topped with a dulcey chocolate chess piece.

Dice: Gluten-free Battenberg sponge cake with apricot jam, wrapped in luxury marzipan, finished with white chocolate crispy biscuit pearls (contain gluten), topped with a white chocolate dice.

Scrabble: Bramley apple mousse set on a genoise sponge finished with white and dark chocolate scrabble pieces.

Dominoes: All butter shortbread biscuit, topped with a white chocolate cheesecake, glazed with a white chocolate jelly, topped with dark chocolate crispy biscuit pearls.

All the games are also available to play.

St James Hotel Afternoon Tea

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