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Castles of Mad King Ludwig from Bezier Games has hit the app stores. There are pass-and-play and play-against-AI modes. Also a campaign mode with levels based on real castles.

Fantasy Flight Games has released Road to Legend, a companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. The app acts as the overlord, giving everyone a chance to play on the same side. Road to Legend also includes a new campaign, Kindred Fire, and automatically adjusts content to the expansions owned by the players.

Descent Road to Legend

Long-term agreements with the National Football League and National Football Players Association has Topps publishing digital football trading cards through its Huddle app.

Antidote Lab Assistant provides a note-taking platform to help players with Bellwether Games’ deduction title, Antidote.

ScorePal is a board game scoring app for Android that features score sheet templates customized to individual games. At least 100 are included but more can be created by the user.

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green bay packersThe game that the Green Bay Packers love? Settlers of Catan, according to the Wall Street Journal. Introduced to the locker room two months ago, players on the NFL team have been “completely addicted to it,” says Packers tight end Justin Perillo. “We play it whenever we can.” Backup QB Matt Flynn says the players have taken the game very seriously. After a win in December, he was chastised when trying to play some celebratory music. David Bakhtiari (T) said he “wanted to hear the players talk and strategize. He was very serious. They take it to a different level.”

Packer teammates are no stranger to local Green Bay game store Gnome Games. Pat Fuge, owner, was “flooded with texts and calls” about Settlers of Catan after Perillo mentioned the game on a local sports radio show. Other Packers have been in to the store to purchase backgammon, chess sets, and other games.

The Green Bay Packers play the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA., this coming Sunday, at 3:05 PM EST, for the NFC Championship and a spot at the Super Bowl. (And as a lifelong Seahawks fan, I hope the Packers get to have lots of Catan playtime in their off-season, starting this Monday.)

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