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Tucked into the corner of Toy Fair was Wisemen Games, and a beautiful game that caught my eye. The makers of Gemblo were showing off 3 main games, each of which looked fantastic.

Forest: The game that initially caught my attention. A beautiful game with a conservation theme. Try and grow fruit trees while avoiding deforestation, industrialization, and poachers. It’s a card game with a central scoring board in a beautiful little package. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my notes on number of players and age range.

Gemblo Mini: A 1-2 player version of the classic gem game. Just as great looking as the original.

Tremblex: Stack your pieces on the disc without knocking any off. The player that has the most segments showing when looking at the stack from the top wins. I actually had a chance to try this one out…and wasn’t very good at it. 1-4 players, ages 5+.

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