gamesworkshoplogo.jpgSo, if you’re at Gen Con and were passing by the Games Workshop booth (772) on Thursday, you may have had some questions. Such as why there’s nothing from Games Workshop for sale at their booth, why it’s staffed by the people at Forge World instead of GW, or why you had to go to the other end of the hall to Forge World’s booth (3033) to make any GW purchases.

Reports of all Games Workshop staff denied entry to the United States and deported back to the United Kingdom are a bit exaggerated, said the UK-based Games Workshop employee Purple Pawn spoke to at the booth yesterday. Although some employees from GW’s headquarters did not gain entrance to the United States, some did as did all the product they brought over. Games Workshop products are for sale at the Forge World booth. The majority of the (admittedly small) GW booth is taken up by an Age of Sigmar diaorama.

“Someone at head office messed up the visa application,” writes the GW-fan site Faeit 212. “Rather than travelling on a Business Visitor Visa they travelled to the US on a [non-Working] Visa.” Apparently, one of the UK employees mentioned that the were going to be working at a convention, which is prohibited under the visas they were travelling with.

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