A little while ago I had posted about how Breaking Games got The Game of 49 on Target shelves. Now they’ve got two more headed to the major retailer: The Game of Phones and POOP in a Bag.

GoP4Game of Phones is a card game that brings smartphones to the party. The game is available at Target starting August 1, 2016, for an MSRP of $20. Play the game with three or more players, ages 12 and up.

The game revolves around challenges that players have to complete using only their phones. “Find the best selfie;” “Take a photo of another player;” and “Show your worst or funniest text” are some of the examples given.

POOP Cards (4)POOP: The Game was created by a father for his son to learn math in new and creative ways. POOP In A Bag holds two different editions of POOP, the base game and Party Pooper. The game is also available at Target starting  August 1, 2016, for an MSRP of $20. The game plays from two to 10 players, ages 6 and up.

I reviewed POOP a while back ago, and had a great time with my kids. We haven’t gone on a camping trip since where the game hasn’t come along.


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