Five new games from Goliath but one is not like the others…

The Oregon Trail Game: Journey to Willamette Valley ($40, available now exclusively at Target) is the third of Goliath/Pressman’s titles based on the classic computer game. This one has players laying out trail tiles, hunting, trading supplies, selling goods, and moving their wagons across the board. Along the way, they must endure various calamities and, of course, always keep their families fed. The winner is the player who reaches Willamette Valley with the most money. Family members who die en-route drain a player’s resources. The earlier in the journey, the more it costs to bury them.

50 Shades of Shit ($20, due this fall) is an expansion for the company’s Shit Happens party game and is focused on sexual situations.

Tossed Salad ($15, now) is a word-guessing party game of double entendres. In the first round, those giving the hints can say anything. In the second round, they can use at most three words. And in the third round, they can use only Charades-like motions.

Friend or Faux ($20, now) is more a get-to-know-you activity that involves asking revealing questions. In rounds four and five, the questions get more adult.

Sip It ($20, fall) is a card-based drinking game. Some of the cards are truth-or-dare like; others have action challenges.

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