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Valhalla is a card game with dice placement mechanics. Each player takes the role of a Jarl who builds a team of warriors and equips them to fight. In battles, player roll dice to activate warriors and play special tactic cards. The winning party sends their activated warriors to Valhalla, and whoever has the most points at the end, wins the game.

The things that caught my eye about Valhalla is that the goal is to win a battle and send winning warriors to Valhalla. So your fighters die a glorious death to gain victory points. This game is designed by Łukasz Woźniak, who has created almost a dozen games including one of my personal favorites, King and Assassins. Valhalla has been crushing stretch goals (11 as of this post, plus they included the 26 from the successful Polish campaign for this game) and the art looks amazing. Are you ready to choose your Jarl and engage in battle?


When someone names their dice on kickstarter “Table Breakers” those have to be some heavy dice.  And with a tagline like “A Polyhedral Solid Metal Dice Set with a Size and Weight that will not only be game breaking, but also break your DM’s table!” they are not messing around! Several stretch goals have already been unlocked including a custom carrying case. Do your like your dice in Bronze? Gold? Silver? Black? All of these colors are unlocked and at your disposal. Check the campaign out here and roll you natural 20 with authority!

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Young Inventor Challenge 2018 Deadline

For the 12th year the Chicago Toy and Game Show (ChiTag) is hosting the young inventor challenge.

The Young Inventor Challenge provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to 18 to showcase their own original toy & game inventions to toy & game industry professionals, members of media and the general public and ignite their imagination, creativity and presentation skills.

The judging is split into two categories, Junior (6-10) and Senior (11-18). There is a $15 requested donation to help cover administrative costs when you participate in the Young Inventor Challenge. Anyone can participate, and you do not need to attend ChiTag. Participants and their immediate families however are invited to be guests to the Fair with complimentary admission to ChiTAG for the whole weekend should they decide to come.

The Young Inventor Challenge can provide a means of taking the inventions to even greater heights, with professional critiques from industry experts and the opportunity to show their work off to the public, toy industry, and members of the press.

Do you know someone who has been sitting on an idea and want to get it out there and show the world? This their chance.



You can find out more information here.

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