White Wolf’s World of Darkness returns to digital with Vampire: Prelude (iOS, Android) and Mage: Refuge (iOS, Android) interactive fiction apps.

Support for Clank! has been added to the Renegade Game Studios Companion App (iOS, Android), providing “mini-quests” and a solo game mode.

GMT Games is working with HexWar Games on digital versions of Commands & Colors: Ancients and Commands & Colors: Napoleonics. Ancients will launch first in this summer, followed by Napoleonics in the fall or winter. At launch, the games will support PC and Mac. A couple of months later, there’ll be support for iPad. Android support will come eventually, probably.

The previous implementation of Dominion online is no longer. It has been replaced by one from Shuffle iT. Accounts, though, were transferred, supposedly with usernames and passwords intact.

Victory Point Games’ Hunt: The Unknown Quarry recently launched on Steam. It’s a “deductive combat game” for 3-6. One plays a monster trying to escape. The others are hunters. A whole group can play with just one purchased license.

Online accounts for Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder, and Asmodee have been merged. If you had an account, you should have received an email.

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GMT has announced a new game based on the Commands & Colors system from designer Richard Borg. The initial scenario book for Commands & Colors: Medieval will focus on conflicts between the Byzantine Empire and Sassanid Persians (530-627 AD). Moors also show up in a few battles. Visigoths, Vandals, Ostrogoths, Franks, and Alemanni are set to make appearances in future expansions.

Mechanically, the new game adds superior armor, increases the number of blocks in a cavalry unit to four, reduces the number of battle dice for heavy infantry from five to four, and allows light bow cavalry a parting shot when evading.

Commands & Colors: Medieval will ship with a mounted game board, terrain tiles, a deck of command cards, eight battle dice, and more than 320 blocks for a retail price of $75. Orders through GMT’s P500 system, though, get the preorder price of $50.

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Liberty or Death

Liberty or DeathLiberty or Death adapts GMT’s COIN Series of anti-insurgency games to the war of the American Revolution. The COIN Series is card-driven and designed to suit asymmetric conflicts, integrating political, economic, and cultural affairs along with military action.

Liberty or Death features British, patriot, Indian, and French factions, each with their own strengths, resources, and motivations. The patriot player, for example, will need to focus their early efforts on building local support before taking on British military forces directly. A set of flow charts is included for factions without players and the game is said to work well as solitaire.

The game has just begun shipping by GMT at a retail price of $82.

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Navajo Wars

Navajo WarsNavajo Wars from GMT Games is a solitaire, card-driven war game representing the fight of the Navajo tribe to maintain independence in North America from the 1500s to the 1800s. The game is divided in to three periods, which can be played as separate scenarios—with the Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans as the subjugating powers—or combined for a longer campaign.

Winning Navajo Wars requires advancing on both military and culture tracks with careful allocation of family unit action points to move, raid, plant and harvest, or trade.

Cultural Development cards (such as Horsemanship) can be purchased at the cost of culture points but confer special abilities. Wooden cubes drawn from a bag represent the results of a raid—various colors for horses, enemy soldiers, slaves, sheep, etc.

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