Among the many Chess variants that come across my desk, Speed Chess grabbed my attention and I think shows some real potential. The game, which debuted at the recent Tokyo Game Show, is a computer-aided version that’s played without turns. The two opponents move their pieces simultaneously, while a multi-touch display that functions as the board prevents them from making illegal moves and enforces a lock-out time limit on repeated moves of the same piece.

Gökyay Association Chess MuseumA Chess museum opens Monday in Ankara, Turkey. At the heart of its collection are 540 Chess sets that world traveler Akın Gökyay picked up in 103 different countries. Mr. Gökyay has been collecting Chess sets for 40 years, sometimes visiting countries just to acquire local game pieces. The sets include a wide range of styles, some depicting specific historic battles and others modern pop-culture icons. In addition to displays of game sets, the Gökyay Association Chess Museum will feature a Chess training center, cafe, meeting rooms, and Chess shop.