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The people at Peaceable Kingdom know how to have a good idea, and it shows with their kids’ games. Their cooperative games are always bright, attractive, and good fun. I expected, and saw, no less from their Toy Fair booth this year.

Buzz!:  Collect all the nectar before the bear gets to the hive! Each player may only collect their color nectar, and there are multiple paths around the board. Help each other find the fastest route to the nectar to make sure the game doesn’t win. A roll and move game for 2-4 players, ages 5+.

Great Cheese Chase: Get to the attic and have a cheese party before the cat makes his way up there. All players have control over all the mice tokens and must roll and move the pieces up the board. Ladders let you climb faster when landed on, and catnip lets you stall the cat while you race the finish. 2-6 players, ages 5+.

Stack Up: A dexterity game for children where you’re stacking colored blocks. Spin the spinner and place the correct colored block on the stack. Little kids can use their hands while slightly older kids use the two sticks. Need an extra challenge? Use the softer ends of the sticks to try and stack the blocks. If a challenge is spun, draw a card for extra fun. Some cards have you hopping on one foot while trying to stack, or having you quack like a duck while stacking. Spin the monster and he moves closer to knocking down your tower! 2+ players, ages 5+.

What’s It?: Peaceable Kingdom tries something for an older crowd this year with What’s It?, a party game where each player needs to come up with 3 items based of a drawing and a use for it. Matches between players score points for the players. If no players have matches, the Doodler (the game) earns the points. Fill the point meter before the Doodler does to win. 2-6 players, ages 8+.


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