Attending PAX East and want to know who is exhibiting at what tables? We’ve been given the list of exhibitors in the tabletop hall, which currently do not show up in the Guidebook app, the only version of the program and show’s floorplan available.

The tabletop booths will be along the right (north) edge of the space, near the skybridge. From the main Queue Room entrance on up to the Lenovo Legion PC Room, the following companies will have a presence in the tabletop hall:

  • Gamewright, Q-Workshop, Asmodee NA
  • Compleat Strategist (local game store), Steve Jackson Games
  • Battleground Games & Hobbies (local game store), Level Up Dice, Fun to 11, Tectonic Craft Studios
  • CMON, Wyrmwood Gaming
  • Burning Wheel, Japanime/Global Games Distribution, Greenbriar Games
  • Modern Myths NY (“local” game store), Armor Class 10 Shirts
  • Pandemonium Games (local game store), Crit Success, Dragoon/Lay Waste Games
  • Atlas Games, United States Professional Mahjong League
  • Drinking Quest, Aviary Games, SFR
  • AdMagic
  • Greater Than Games
  • Foam Brain Games (“local” game store)

Although the PAX 2017 program book that appears in the Guidebook app doesn’t break down the tabletop hall, PAX’s Tabletop Manager has said that this year a detailed map of the tabletop area will appear in the program.

paxeast2I apologize for getting this last installment of my PAX East coverage up a bit late. Anyway, here it is.

Greenbriar Games

Greenbriar was showing off some new Zpocalypse items, but their new unveiling was for Heavy Steam. The game takes place in an alternate, IMG_0605steampunk Victorian era and has you piloting giant steam titans. During the game you’ll have to decided were best to utilize your power to maneuver, attack, or use other systems. It’s a resource management game mixed in with a miniatures war game. The setup they had was using 3D printed pieces, and it’s really shaping up nicely. The Kickstarter project for the game has 12 days to go, and needs a little under $20k more to get funded.

Megacon Games

Megacon was showing both their MERCS line of miniatures, and Myth, a giant, miniatures-heavy fantasy game.

MERCS Recon is a standalone board game in the MERCS universe. The miniatures are fully compatible with MERCS, but you get an entire game in the box. The game is cooperative, and the board modular. The game uses very simple, yet aggressive, logic for the enemy forces to move. IMG_0594This forces the players to fight as a tight-knit unit to survive. The space for your characters to move it tight, and danger lies around every corner.

Myth is an amazing beautiful, cooperative game. Once again the players are playing against the AI of the game that uses a Boss Deck. Each hero deck is unique, and plays differently than the rest. Players use their decks to advance the story, control their avatars, and conquer The Darkness.

Tectonic Craft Studios

IMG_0603This booth grabbed by attention from some distance away. Dan from Tectonic studios produces amazing looking wooden miniatures terrain and game accessories that are all flat-packed and easy to assemble and paint. The best part? The price. With a minimal investment you can have some of the most amazing looking miniatures terrain around. He also makes transportation trays for moving your miniatures around, bases to glue your miniatures to, and objective markers.

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