Greenbrier always has an impressive showing in a small space at every PAX I’ve been to. This year they were showing off Z-Pocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs, Grimslingers: The Northern Territory, Of Dreams and Shadows, and Thundergryph Games’ Overseers.

I had a chance to see Z-Pocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs and Of Dreams and Shadows and I’m very excited about both games. Z-Poc 2 has more of a tower defense feel than the previous game and also has a lot more stuff. Mechanics have also been streamlined. You can find the full list of changes here.

Of Dreams and Shadows is a cooperative, narrative RPG board game for up to 6 players. Choices made by the players in the game can greatly affect the outcome for both good or ill. The artwork is amazing, along with the plethora of heroes to choose from and villains to fight against.

The new Grimslingers is currently up on Kickstarter with streamlined rules, a new campaign featuring the Northern Territory of the Forgotten West. Also, a new Fate deck has been introduced for various events, card effects and most importantly, procedurally generated area exploration.

Greenbrier never fails to excite, and this year was no different.

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