Steamforged Games is releasing a boardgame based on the incredibly difficult computer game Dark Souls franchise. The boardgame (late April, $120) plays 1-4 heroes versus the game. If one hero dies during the battles, the entire scene resets, forcing the players to learn the strategy behind the boss attacks and work together to win. Taking elements from all three computer games, Dark Souls comes with 27 miniatures, nine double-sided play area tiles, and four hero character boards.

Expansions for Dark Souls are planned that will incorporate different elements. Some will add new heroes and antagonists, some may have a large collection of bosses and minions, while others may simply have an expansion with only one or two additions to the game. Pricing and availability (and details as to what’s in them) are sketchy at this point, but the people I spoke with are looking at 12-18 months from now at price points anywhere from $35 to $80, depending on the amount of content.

Also new from Steamforged is a realignment of their Guild Ball property. The 2-player Kick Off! Starter Set just came back into print ($70). Kick Off! comes with 12 colored one-piece miniatures ready for painting, a fantastically large board, and tons of bits, measuring tools, and dice. The wall of blister packs are still going to be offered, but Steamforged is going to start releasing larger collection packs of plastic miniatures for additional guilds (teams) in the game world at a price point to be determined.

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