Halo Fleet Battles The Fall of Reach Battle BoxA July 20th street date has been scheduled for Halo Fleet Battles, a miniatures combat game based on the Halo series for Xbox. Rather than focus on the Master Chief, though, this tabletop title highlights spaceship combat, developing a part of the setting previously relegated to background material. Spartan Games says it worked closely with Microsoft and 343 Industries to bring to life previously unreleased elements of the Halo story, while ensuring consistency with established canon.

The initial Halo Fleet Battles two-player box set, subtitled “The Fall of Reach”, includes 49 plastic spaceship models (32 United Nations Space Command and 17 Covenant), flight stands, custom dice, and tokens for a retail price of £80 (about US$125). If preordering direct from Spartan, use coupon code “HALOLAUNCH” by June 21st for a 15 percent discount.

One special feature of the game is the ability to reassemble formations. When, for example, individual ships are lost from multi-ship flight stands, the remaining ships can be joined together to form a new battle group.

Halo Fleet Battles Covenant Ships

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