Worldbuilders and IELLO have announced a Gen Con 2015 monster for King of Tokyo and King of New York. The monster, Draccus, will be available to con goers for $20 at the Worldbuilders booth (#663). All proceeeds from the sales will go to Worldbuilders, which aids Heifer International to stop world hunger. After the convention you’ll be able to snag Draccus from The Tinker’s Packs, again with the proceeds being donated to the charity.

Draccus is the creation of New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, and the art was done by Régis Torres.

In Rothfuss’s book The Name of the Wind, the narrator, Kvothe, finds himself face-to-face with the Draccus, a very real beast on which the legends of dragons were based. Kvothe is shocked that not only does it actually exist, but he suddenly finds himself having to survive an encounter with one, and save an entire city from its drug-crazed rampage. Kvothe needs to use all his wits and tricks to come out alive, let alone triumphant.

I love the idea of the monster being used to raise funds for charity. It’s a pretty sweet looking one too.

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