A co-production of Petersen Games and Historical Games Factory, Theomachy is a deck-building game that combines elements of mythology and Texas Hold’em Poker. Each player chooses to represent an ancient god, decides to call, raise or fold, and aims to stand as the absolute power in the final showdown.

In the current Kickstarter campaign, the game is divided into two sets, namely The Warrior Gods and The Ancient. The former includes pantheons from Celtic, Norse, Slavonic, and Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones, while the latter represents Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Lovecraft’s Outer Gods. The two sets are different from each other but can be mixed and combined for play.

Theomachy plays 2 to 4 players (up to 8 players if both The Warrior Gods and The Ancient sets are used) in around 45 minutes. The campaign has now raised $38,911 over its initial $20,000 goal with 32 days to go.

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