Being the third Kickstarter project launched by Van Ryder Games, Hostage Negotiator is a 15 to 30 minutes card and dice game for 1 player. The player takes the role of a Hostage Negotiator who has been summoned to a crime scene where hostages are taken by a hostile Abductor.

Each turn is divided into 3 phases: the Conversation Phase, in which conversation cards are played and resolved through dice rolls; the Spend Phase, in which conversation cards can be bought; and the Terror Phase, in which a terror card has to be drawn and resolved, and by doing so, the negotiation process would be affected. To achieve victory, at least half of the hostages must be saved, while the Abductor has to be captured or eliminated.

Currently the game has raised $19,622 more than its $5,000 goal with 13 days to go. For readers who are interested in the full rules, a detailed rulebook is available on Hostage Negotiator’s project page.

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