static1.squarespace.comIconica Travels – The Hiveland Expedition is a 111 card deck that let’s you take 3 of your favorite characters from Iconica and use them in a campaign setting. The game can actually be played a few different ways:

  1. One Player vs. One Player
  2. Two Players vs. Two Players – Teams
  3. Four Player “Clash” – Each player competes for him/herself

Winning involves either eliminating other characters or completing quests.

The game looks absolutely beautiful.

For a more in-depth look at Travels, and the work that went into it, check out this awesome post over at The World of Rynaga blog.

Iconica Travels is available now for $45. Keep in mind that you will need Iconica characters to play this. You can grab an Iconica Starter Set for $15.