Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing has announced plans for a number of new miniature war games titles in 2014:

  • A Fistful of Kung Fu, a Hong Kong movie game (February)
  • Across a Deadly Field (May) and The War in the East (November) for regimental-scale Civil War battles
  • On the Seven Seas for the age of piracy circa 1500-1730 (June)
  • Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, a companion book for Osprey’s steampunk skirmish rules, In Her Majesty’s Name (June)
  • Lion Rampant for the Medieval period (September)
  • Land of the Free for North American conflicts, 1754-1815 (October)
  • Tank War (August) and D-Day to Germany (October), expansions to the Bolt Action WWII skirmish rules

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