header_imageI made sure to see what SFR was up to this year, as I was excited to find out last year that Dragon Dice was still in production. This year they had 2 new products to show. The first was a new Daemon type for Daemon Dice, Fester. The dice are yellow with red ink, and allow you to mix things up a bit more in the game. I actually have some bagged, early-release Fester dice from last year, but now they’re boxed and ready to hit shelves. There’s 13 dice per Fester Booster, and they retail for $12.95.

On the Dragon Dice side, there’s now a new Amazons Kicker pack. This set contains the never-before-see Nightmare die, and each Kicker pack contains: 7 6-sided dice: 4 16mm commons, 2 18mm uncommons, and 1 20mm rare. They also include 1 random 22mm 10-sided monster die and a rules sheet. Retails is $9.95.

While I was at the booth I was also able to snag a Firewalker/Treefolk starter to get back into the game and start posting some reviews.


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