ICE Unifying Rolemaster in Open Playtest

RMU-SpellLaw-28Sep12-1The venerable but fractured Rolemaster RPG is undergoing a renewal of sorts with an updated set of rules being developed by Iron Crown Enterprises. Now in a second round of beta testing, new editions of Treasure Law, Arms and Character Law, Spell Law, and Creature Law are intended to unify the two similar but distinct current versions of the game, Rolemaster Classic and Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying.

Of course, bringing together the players of different editions is a challenge, as is balancing between a game’s traditions and modernizing influences. So to make the most of this opportunity, ICE has made the beta versions of these game books free to to the public and is seeking comments on its forums. All you have to do to participate is register and download.

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Emer Atlas III

Emer IIIShadow World, the official campaign setting for Iron Crown Enterprise’s venerable Rolemaster RPG, benefits from some attention with the company’s release of Emer III. In characteristic detail, the book elaborates on the southeast region of the continent of Emer. Its 210 pages contain sections on the rainforests of Khûm-kaan, the Lost City of Zæn, the Isles of Glass and Jade, and the secret hives of the Krylites.

Emer III also provides numerous maps, several years of advanced timeline, a new fantasy weapons chart, encounter charts, and the particulars for a variety of adventures.

Available now as an ebook, Emer III is on-sale for $16 through February 21st.

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