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Mental Floss, the website for obscure knowledge (A.K.A., trivia), follows up on its earlier party game, Split Decision, with three more for 2013.

Each turn in Mixed Nuts, one player reads a statement from the game, choosing to incorporate either the true element or the false element (both are included on the card). The other players then vote individually on whether the statement was true or false by using “nut” tokens. How nuts are connected to the game concept, I have no idea.

In Words challenges two player-teams to name movies, places, TV shows, things, people, and music that incorporate a trigger word (see the picture of the box for a good example). The trigger word is determined with a spinner built in to the board. And the score is kept by placing chips on the board’s target-like track. That is, the second answer in a category is worth more than the first and the third is worth more than the second.

Ja Link is about identifying concepts that link two different items. It includes a board, on which are placed discs with pictures of the items, and a set of cards, from which each turn one player reads a category. The rest of the players are then supposed to grab adjacent cards connected by the category.

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