Jolly Roger Ares GamesWhat better way to show your buddy you trust him then by joining him on a high sea adventure filled with swashbuckling and treasure. What better way to make sure you get all the booty than to start a mutiny against your buddy and make him walk the plank?

No one said a pirate’s life is easy.

Ares Games lets you test the waters of a pirate’s life in a new card game called Jolly Roger – The game of Piracy and Mutiny. In it, players sail around to different locations, fighting, looting, and burying treasure.

With four to 10 players, one person is the captain and makes all of the important decisions when it comes to where to attack and when to cut losses. Along the way, stack your hand with the right cards to protect in battle and squirrel away gold.

At any moment, a player can call for a mutiny against the captain and take over as the head honcho. Will you join the mutiny or fight for your captain?

The player with the highest amount of gold at the end of the game is the ultimate pirate and the winner. Jolly Roger – The Game of Piracy and Mutany is expected to ship this July and will retail for $20.


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