Gen Con 2013 logoKonami is returning to the classic era for inspiration with the newest Yu-Gi-Oh! products. Judgement of the Light boosters, which premiered earlier this month, feature synchro monsters, making them especially good for returning players.

Judgement of the Light tins, with five booster packs and five promo cards in each, will be released later this week.

The Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck will be available September 13th for $10. Mixing old and new monsters, it includes the iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, an Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon card, and some newer synchro monsters.

September 27th will see the release of a Judgement of the Light Deluxe Edition for $30. In addition to nine booster packs, 50 promo card sleeves, three foil cards, and a beginner’s guide, each Deluxe Edition package includes one of two alternate art storage boxes.

Then on October 11th, Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World will go on sale for $30 and include a two-sided, hard player board and five mega-packs. On one side of the board is Joey, on the other a Phoenix card formation. In the mega-packs, four of the nine cards are either foils or rare.

The next set of boosters, Shadow Specters, hits store shelves November 8th, featuring vampires and ghostricks.

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