Scheduled for release in the spring, ahead of the film this summer, are two Jurassic World games from Hasbro.

The Brawlasaurs Battle Set features fighting wind-up dinosaur figures. A small slider on the underside of each figure is used to select bash, bite, or slash fighting styles for a simple rock-paper-scissors type resolution. But the real exciting part is the way the dinosaurs whack in to each other, spinning and knocking each other down.

The Wreck ‘N Roar Dinosaur Game includes tubs of Play-Doh to attach as additional “meat” on the sides of plastic dinosaur toys. The toys also have trigger-handles and operating jaws, so that players then try to bite off as much as they can of their opponents’ meat.

And since we’re on the topic of Jurassic World, here are some pictures of additional Hasbro toys and Lego construction sets also based on the upcoming movie.

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