Social media trends make for hot games these days, doubly so if they incorporate a fun action element. So it should come as no surprise that two companies at this week’s NY Toy Fair were promoting upcoming games based on water bottle flipping.

Hasbro’s Flip Challenge, due this summer at a retail price of $10, will include a set of targets and challenge cards but is BYOB (bring-you-own-bottle).

Buffalo Games’ Flip Tricks is also scheduled for the summer but at around $15 will include challenge cards and one specially designed bottle with a flat cap and made from heavier duty plastic. The company also plans to sell extra bottles in various colored patterns.

Two other water bottle flipping games are available now. Kap It ($20) comes with two square bottles and one target mat divided in to several point zones. The recommended game has players flipping bottles until one wins with 21 points. With Bottle Flip ($25), you get one bottle, challenge cards, a target board, and a scoreboard.

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