POPsnacks, creator of the Knight Light, actually reached out to me today with some cool pics of this lamp/display shelf. After a bit of back and forth they linked me to their Kickstarter page where they’re trying raise enough money to make these available to consumers. They even provided a pre-written interview with Daniel Cytrynowicz. I mean, why not?

Can you talk a little on the process?

First we had to hand-make the acrylic trays right here in Los Angeles using a laser-cutting machine and also make a metal mock-up of the gear component, placed on the base. We then sent those parts abroad to have molds made. Finally, we received a couple samples, made a couple modifications and the base was ready for manufacturing. The shades are printed (high-res) and made in-house and in-demand in our studio/workshop in Los Angeles. The packaging is also made locally. The box turns into a waste-paper basket!

What gave you the idea of Knight Light?

We’ve been designing and manufacturing lamps for around 20 years. We always had special requests to make personalized lamps, lamps that spoke directly to customers’ tastes, lifestyles and passions. We finally decided to create a line of lamps that would make rooms brighter in more than the traditional sense. Light and dreams, style, memories, passion and smiles.

How did you make it?

We first created the shades, by printing translucent material with non-fade archival inks, using state-of-the-art printing processes. Ultimately customers will order shades printed with their own content for the ultimate shade! This particular base was created to house a small collection of treasures, in order to transport the customer to his/her favorite place, state-of-mind or hobby. Instant gratification and maximum pleasure!

What are your favorite games?

Although I do play some on-line games, I tend to favor old-fashioned board games such as Stratego, Battleships, backgammon and Chess.

Why are custom shades so cool?

Custom shades are cool because they are YOU! They are conversation pieces, they allow you to display your most prized artwork, they make you go back over and over again to your favorite vacation spot, they bring you closer to a geographically distant loved one, display your favorite game, or remind you daily of how much you love tacos. In any event, these printed shades are always communicating something…you’ll never feel alone!

The idea of the Knight Light is something I can get behind. As a lover of collectibles, miniatures, etc… this would be perfect to sit in my cubicle at work and display some cool goodies. I’m not completely sold on the shades, though. I’d have to create my own to fit whatever I was displaying and I’m not that great at that sort of thing.

Anyway, if you’re interested you can get in on the ground floor with $40 if the project gets funded.

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