Winning Moves’ latest rereleased classic is is the 1990s Hasbro title Pretty Pretty Princess ($17). Spin to move and collect all the matching colored jewelry.



New titles include the mini stacking game Kozo ($20). Each turn, a player places one 3D piece, along with with one small blocking cube. Nothing, though, is allowed over the center square of the board. Points are accumulated over three rounds based on the number of cubes making up each placed piece but forfeited for the round by a player who causes pieces to fall.

Apocalyptic Picnic ($17) is a lighthearted zombie card game, where the goal is to convert all other players’ families to undead. Bite cards do the dirty work. Food cards protect. And there are many others cards to protect family from harm, return them to the living, and other effects.

Stink Bug ($17) is a card game where all the leaf-shaped cards are thrown in one loose draw pile. The idea is to make pairs of matching colors but only one of those loose on the top can be pulled by a player on their turn. Also, sneak-bug cards allow players to steal from each other, butterflies are wild cards, and love bugs make pairs for someone else.