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Educational Insights had a large booth, showing off plenty of toys and games. I could have spent a good amount of time there checking out all the cool new stuff, but I was there to cover new games, so here they are!

Raccoon Rumpus: Help the raccoons get dressed by rolling 2 dice and finding a card that has the correct article of clothing and color. Beware! Roll the underwear and your raccoon loses all his clothes! First raccoon to have 5 cards on it wins. 2-4 players, grades Pre-K+.

Shelby’s Snack Shack Game: A dexterity and counting game where you need to collect the most bones from the box. Seagulls and flip-flops take away bones or make you lose a turn. 2-4 players, grades Pre-K+.

Lickity Quick: A word game where 2 cards are drawn and you have to think of a word that follows the rules. 1 card has a letter or combination of letters, while the other is a challenge like “has 2 syllables.” First to come up with a correct word wins the round. 2+ players, grades 3+.

Even Steven’s Odd: Each round a challenge card is flipped and you need to roll your dice to they meet the challenge. A fast-paced game where the first player to win 10 challenges wins the game. I actually got a change to play this, and was pleasantly surprised. 2-4 players, grades 1+.

Wordical: Another word game. This time you’ve got a deck of consonants and 2 dice to roll that contain vowels. Build the highest scoring word to win. 2-8 players, grades 3+.

Kyro 5: Similar to connect 4, but without the board and with stacking. The first players to place a row of 5 pyramids wins. 2 players, grades 2+.

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