Toy-Fair-2014-logo-150wideThe latest from Fox Mind pack a lot of play in to simple games.

Last Mouse Lost ($9) is a two-player abstract strategy game with two rules. Number one, on a player’s turn, that player may punch any number of buttons in a single row. Number two, the last player to punch a button is the loser. (Students of game design will recognize this as a traditional Nim game.) The game is played on a one-piece rubber thingamajig that means you can’t lose any pieces (unless you lose the whole thing) and setting up for a new game is just flipping it over.

Rise Up ($15, available May) is a fast-play party game. Ten cards are laid out on the table. Every card pictures two hands with some combination of raised fingers. Each round, the players simultaneously raise one hand with any number of fingers up (0 to 5). Then with their other hands they race to grab cards that show the same number of fingers as any pair of players. Missing cards are replaced and a new round begins.

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