Digital Ticket to Ride India MapDigital versions of Ticket to Ride have undergone a major upgrade. Most importantly, all now support cross-platform multiplayer mode, so even us Android players can pick up live games with you iPad people. Also supported now are vertically-oriented maps. The first, of India, provides bonus points for looped routes. Digital Ticket to Ride is available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

Dominion, the original deck-building card game, has finally hit mobile. Both iOS and Android versions are free-to-play with the base set of cards. Expansion card sets are available as in-app purchases ($90 for everything). Beware though, even single-player mode requires a live internet connection.

Cogwind’s Revenge is an iPad app version of True Dungeon, complete with puzzles, combat, and even token-collecting.

Linkee, the trivia-ish party game of identifying commonalities, now has an Apple TV version. Instead of hitting a buzzer, the first to figure out a link is supposed to grab the remote and shake it over their head.

Defiant Development is in the process of releasing four separate new scenarios (three are out so far, one more will be before the end of the year) for the Steam version of its deck-building, action RPG, Hand of Fate.

Dragon+ via webDragon+, Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons mobile-app-magazine, is now also available via the web, so it can be read via desktop browser.

A Macau Challenge Pack has been added to digital Splendor. The twist with this one is that it requires players to capture specific cards.

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest is now a thing and available for both Android and iOS (free-to-play but with in-app purchases). In the game, it’s match-3 puzzle play that produces mana.

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Linkee on Dragons' DenWhen it was pitched on The Dragons’ Den last August, trivia board game, Linkee, failed to inspire any investment. Since then, though, Linkee has sold more than 50,000 copies. And now the game is being adapted for television. Twenty-five episodes of The Link have been commissioned by the BBC. Global distribution rights have been sold to Warner Bros.

[via Toy News]

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The Dragons Spit Out Linkee

The latest episode of The Dragons’ Den saw the failure of another ambitious board game publisher. The dragons had fun with trivia game, Linkee, but seemed to understand better than the people pitching it how difficult it is to make a profit in the game business.

Linkee on Dragons' Den

[Video for non-UK viewers. Segment begins at 30:28]

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