The idiosyncrasies of international toy licensing means that some of the latest Star Wars games are not available (at least not officially) to us here in the North American market. Though new and packaged for The Force Awakens, some of these are also actually based on events and characters of the earlier movies.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ubongo is a fast-play puzzle game where the players race to fill in mission cards with a set of polyominoes. There are 50 different mission cards and each turn the players roll a die to determine whether to use First Order or Resistance pieces filling them in.

Star Wars Ubongo

Star Wars Galaxy Rebellion is a push-your-luck dice game representing a competition between Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca to see who will blow up the Death Star.

Star Wars Galaxy Rebellion

In Star Wars Labyrinth the goal is to find the various Star Wars characters at the center of a shifting maze.

Star Wars Labyrinth

A variant of the classic tile-laying game, Star Wars Carcassonne incorporates new rules for taking over other players’ planets and for dice-based combat over other features.

Star Wars: Secret Invasion is a Star Wars-themed version of Love Letter. Exclusive to the Russian market, the game is about rescuing Princess Leia with each round seeing one player closer to success.

Star Wars Carcassonne     Star Wars Love Letter

Just released by Ravensburger, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rebel Forces is a Reiner Knizia design that requires “concentration and a quick response”, so fast-play memory?

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rebel Forces

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Toy Fair 2015-AEG


AEGAEG has a lot to be excited for, both for current and future releases. There was even 3-4 thinks I can’t report on yet that have me super excited. One tidbit of info before I go into what I saw is that Love Letter is getting slightly rebranded. A slightly more modern logo will appear on future versions, and different licensed copies will have their own title with “A Love Letter Game” appearing below. With that out of the way, let’s get to the games!

Adventure Time Love Letter / Once You Go Blackmail, A Love Letter Game – $12 – Ages 10+

Two new licensed versions of Love Letter are arriving soon. One based on Adventure Time, and on on the show Archer. Each has their own unique quirks, and Archer’s Once You Go Blackmail will be the first title to have it’s own name along with the “A Love Letter Game” subtext. Also at the booth were the new Batman and Hobbit version of Love Letter, both of which are currently available.



It’s hard to think about Rumpelstiltskin anymore without hearing the name said in Emilie de Ravin’s Aussie accent, but this title has no ties with any current popular TV show. Rumpelstiltskin is a game of guessing the name of which magical gnome/troll/thing your opponent has. Light, quick, and sure to be a lot of fun.

Pretty Pretty Smash Up Expansion – $25 – Ages 12+


Pretty Pretty adds Fairie, Kitty Cats, Mythic Horses, and Princesses to the wildly popular game. It will be available March 15th, and contains:

  • 80 Minion & Action Cards
  • 8 Base cards
  • 4 Dividers
  • 12-page Rulebook
  • 1 VP/Power Token Sheet

Dark Seas – Ages 14+


Coming out in conjunction with International Tabletop Day on April 11th, Dark Seas is a game of pirates! A tile-based game, players build up their network of islands to pillage and plunder the most booty and increasing their reputation. Pirates wouldn’t be pirates, though, without the ability to wreak havoc upon others. Players will be able to hinder their opponents’ pirates in many different ways to keep them from gaining enough reputation to win the game. The pieces in this one are really nice looking, and from what I’ve seen it looks like it’ll be a blast to play.

Other Items

There were 3 amazing looking games that weren’t available for press release yet, but I can guarantee that at least 2 of them are going to be huge. Just hearing about how they’re going to work, and seeing some of the initial artwork blew me away. There’s also going to be a DC Comics version of Lost Legacy coming out, with different superheroes having their own decks that can be mixed and matched to play. Artwork wasn’t final on these, so I couldn’t snag any pics.

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Love Letter: Batman and The Hobbit

AEG5113bannerWe’ve already warned you about Love Letter: Batman, but Alderac Entertainment will be releasing Love Letter: Batman, and Love Letter: The Hobbit too, in March for $10.99 each. Round up the villains of Gotham and lock ’em up in Arkham Asylum, or find The Arkenstone while avoiding the terrible dragon Smaug.

While I see the appeal of both versions, I’ll stick to my Love Letter – Kanai Factory Edition.

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AAGADThe winners of the 2014 Origins Awards, as given out by The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair, are:

[via Bleeding Cool and Ogre Cave]

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