Markus Lupfer Luchador FashionFor London Fashion Week, designer Markus Lupfer took inspiration from Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice, embroidering masked figures on bomber jackets, party-wear, and light dresses.

Taking place at the Carroll Mansion in Baltimore is Planchette, an experiential theater production about the fictional Maxwell Fink, parapsychologist and Ouija board researcher. The Ouija board was invented in Baltimore and features prominently in the performance, which “was inspired by turn-of-the-century ‘phantasmagorical’ rituals designed to lift the veil and contact the other side.”

Rebellion Chess SetAs part of the ArtPrize exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Andy Malone is showing the Rebellion Chess Set, his representation of the 1967 Detroit riots. The pieces in the set are gear-driven woodworks. And rather than being divided between black and white, all are two-tone with politicians the kings, media the queens, and the public the pawns.

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