MagicMeleeBoxTopCutOutUh oh. Looks like we’ve got another cease-and-desist in the making.

Magic Mêlée borrows heavily from Magic: The Gathering. They actually don’t deny this fact. The game isn’t a CCG, but there seems to be a bit too much borrowed to feel comfortable. There’s even a disclaimer at the bottom of their page.

There’s no denying that Magic Mêlée has its roots in Magic: The Gathering.  Where there are common conceptions, a few keywords and phrases have been borrowed to avoid confusion.  Fascinated by the idea of creatures with power and toughness, we were inspired to see how far we could take this core idea within a limited size deck from which all players would draw.  Encouraged by play with friends and family (and any willing stranger), we continued to work on and refine the deck.  Good ideas were rare compared to the many hours of play, but they came. We’re not saying there won’t be revisions for the 2nd edition, but we have striven very hard for perfection.  We have created an entertaining and enjoyable yet affordable parlor game where each player starts off on essentially the same foot with infrequent mana screw, no collecting, no trading, no deck building, and no expensive rare cards.  We have drawn on classical mythology, legend, folklore and fact for our creatures and made a cohesive and coherent whole.  You really won’t be able to appreciate the intriguing game play just looking at the cards here.  Get a copy Magic Mêlée™ and try it for yourself today!

The game is $14.80 to purchase, yet designer Gerald Lindsly states on BGG that the game is almost ready, and is looking for testers. Those who’re interested can email him at

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