Mantic Games has announced that they’ll be putting out a licenced The Walking Dead miniatures game titled All Out War in late 2016. The license is for the comic book, and is under Skybound Entertainment. There’s a huge writeup about what’s going on over at the Mantic Blog.

A miniatures game at this level is a no brainer for the world of The Walking Dead, and I’m super excited to see it’s going to be based off the comic. There’s a lot of great material to draw from there.

For those who want to be kept up to date, Mantic has setup a Walking Dead specific newsletter you can subscribe to.

I had previously mentioned Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest back in July of last year when the game was about to hit Kickstarter. In August Mantic will be releasing the game in all its glory for $79.99. The game plays 2 – 5 players where one player is the overlord and the others are the heroes working to thwart the overlord and his dungeon. We’ve seen plenty of games like this before, but with Mantic’s reputation for quality, I’m really looking forward to this one.

Just looking at that pile of stuff is making me drool a bit.

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Crystallan With the recent release of Season 4 for Dreadball, Mantic is currently hard at work on Seasons 5 and 6. Just knowing there’s two more seasons on the way is exciting enough, but Mantic has released some stats and rules for the new Crystallan team coming in Season 6. They’re hoping to get fans to test them out and help them finalize everything.

The PDF that has everything you need can be found  right here.They’re a really interesting team that are more powerful closer together on the pitch.

I’ve barely caught up with Season 2 and Season 3 stuff, so I really need to get on the ball!

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