MASHED is a Korean War Powered-by-the-Apocalypse roleplaying game set in a U.S. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Its official description includes the expected disclaimer about not being associated with the earlier M*A*S*H media property (TV show, movie, or novel). However, whether acknowledged or not, the game appears to share its namesake’s sensibilities.

Although your characters spend long hours performing surgery, MASHED compresses these into short events to focus on the most dramatic moments. Much of the game actually occurs outside of the operating tent, at times when the flow of casualties has ebbed. Here you may fall in or out of love, fight the orders of ineffective top brass, set up pranks, help your South Korean allies, pick fights, seduce your way through the unit, pull rank, and much more.

Included in the MASHED RPG PDF ($15) are seven playbooks (Angel, Corpsman, Cowboy, Cutter, Doc, Grunt, and Padre), a patient playsheet, commanding officer field manuals (guidebooks and workbooks), a personnel tracker, a calendar, and camp maps for the 8099 MASH.