Master of FootbalWhen you think of board games, you probably don’t think of sports-related board games. But, the two are more naturally alike than you might imagine. That might be why Masters of Football exists. The multiplayer football management game has coaches picking the best players for their team, then with the luck of the dice, trying to win against their opponent.

Get away from the real world of sports and into the fantasy world of the gods with Immortal – Mythic Strategy Game. Players compete as ancient gods and heroes in a battle card game. The objective is to control the most cards on the battleground by capturing your opponents’ cards while protecting your own.

SamaraRunning a town has got to be one of the most stressful jobs around. That’s why we like to play games about it instead of trying to live it. Samara is a city planning game where players control workers that are building a new town. The goal is to plan the town’s design and manage resources better than your opponents. The player with the most prestige at the end winds the game.

Thirty years ago, role-play gamers would sketch out, in meticulous detail, their favorite character. The next-generation of gamers will be able to take character creation to the next level with 3-D printing. Imagine 3D Miniatures hope to help facilitate that by giving gamers the ability to create customized minis that can then be printed using a 3-D printer.

Steam Court

In Steam Court, players try to show off how good they are at building stuff in order to get the attention of the queen and her court. If you manage to be the first player to get rid off all of the cards in your hand, chances are the queen will notice you and might just make you a court engineer.