zombies_se_01Mayfair announced today that it has purchased a controlling interest in Twilight Creations, creators of the much-loved Zombies!!! series of games. Kerry Breitenstein remains on board as VP of Design and Production, while Mayfair’s Loren Roznai will be taking over as President and control day-to-day operations. Mayfair will also be taking over all sales and logistics, though there will be no change in distributors.

You’ll be able to see Zombies!!! at the Mayfair booth at Origins this year, while at GenCon there will still be both a Mayfair Games and Twilight Creations booth.

Is this deal a “no-brainer?” We’ll have to see how well it plays out in the future.


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Asmodee has acquired the Worldwide English-language licensed publishing, commercial and brand rights to Catan from Mayfair Games. They’ve created Catan Studio, a division dedicated to the development of the brand content for Catan.

There will be a transisiton period where Mayfair will continue to distribute the English version of Catan, after which Asmodee North America for the U.S. and its partners outside of the U.S. will handle distribution.

Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group said: “I am very proud and honored that through this acquisition, we are becoming a major partner to Catan GmbH and the Teuber family, with whom we share common values and vision for Catan and for board games. Our commitment is to highly contribute alongside Catan GmbH and their partners in pursuing the growth of the Catan brand through our new studio, Catan Studio Inc. steered by Pete Fenlon and his team. With Catan we are expanding our IP portfolio with an absolutely iconic board game and brand, one that will join and strengthen the gaming experience we provide.”

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