header_imageI always love it when I stumble across a booth when just walked randomly around a convention. Tucked away along one of the walls at PAX East was the Momentum Volsk booth. Here I got a change to see and play Castle Assault, a game that’s currently up on Kickstarter. The game plays very similar to a MOBA, with 3 lanes that players fight through to attack the other player’s castle. Chip the castle’s health down to zero to win. It’s not as simple as it sounds. You’re constantly playing a game of tug of war in each lane, trying to get the upper hand to make it across the board.


Castle Assault has several different factions that all play differently. There’s also hero cards that let you, the player, act as a character in the game. The cool part about heroes is that they can be permanently upgraded between games. Another cool thing about them is that if you summon them in game and they die, you instantly lose. There’s also a Momentum meter on the board that bounces back and forth at the start of each player’s turn. When it’s in the upper ranges for a player it provides certain bonuses, and certain cards are more powerful if your momentum is maxed out.

I played Castle Assault with TJ, the designer of the game, and lost horribly. That’s OK though, because I had a great time. TJ sent me home with a few factions decks, a hero, and a board so I could play the game a bit more with my kids. My 9-year-old son is a big fan, with a healthy love of the Orcs.

The game is definitely worth a look, and if you’re into fantasy games, tactical games, etc… then I’d pledge to see it get out there.


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