Toy Fair 2013 Logo

As I was wandering the isles of Toy Fair from appointment to appointment a small booth caught my eye. It wasn’t something flashy that did, or something all that colorful even. What caught my eye were dots.

Lots of dots.

You see, Monkeying Around makes books of dot-to-dot pictures. You know the kind. Almost every kids’ menu in every restaurant has a small dot-to-dot picture on it. The kicker here is that these are not your father’s dot-to-dot puzzles.

Example A:
GIANT dot-to-dot

Yeah…that’s a 4 page long picture with over 2600 dots! Monkeying Around has tons of dot-to-dot books with over 17 different styles of dot-to-dot action. Most of their pictures are so detailed, that they make great coloring pages when the actual dot-to-dot part is over.

There’s some free samples on their website if you’d like a taste. The books themselves are pretty inexpensive considering how much you get inside them.

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