Crowdfunding Highlights

“Oh little dice of Bethlehem…” Ok so I am fully aware that is not how the song goes, but in the Christmas spirit, Halfsies Dice has just a few days left in their Christmas edition dice. And unlike most kickstarters, you can get both sets THIS CHRISTMAS! You have two choices of dice sets red berry/ dark holly green or pine green, and snow white (these are my personal favorite) and every order comes with a holiday bag. Spread some holiday cheer to the gamer in your life with Halfsies Dice.

A slightly revised edition Claustophobia 1643 by Monolith has been put up on Kickstarter. 10,000 numbered pieces with no pledge manager and delivery in January (That’s two short delivery windows this week).  One player controls a small group of humans and the other an army of demonic creatures. The human characters are stronger, but the demon characters have strength in numbers. The game at its core is P vs. P combat/resource management. There are twenty scenarios in the book, which to me gives it solid replay value.  Whether you chose to play as the humans or by demons be driven, you can sign up for your preferred faction in Claustophobia 1643.


Monolith Board Games’ Conan is the most funded non-video game on Kickstarter for at least the next eight days. With $3,327,757 pledged, the miniature-based game is currently $2.6 million short of Exploding Kittens, from Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), Elan Lee, and Shane Small, which will become the most funded game in Kickstarter’s Game category on Thursday, Feburary 19, 2015.

The Kickstarter campaign for Conan reached its initial funding goal in five minutes and thirty-seven seconds, with the game overfunding by 4,159%. Jamie Johnson of Monolith Board Games LLC, thanks the backers of the project: “When we set out to make Conan, it was to give life to a saga that we all loved, to make a game that would remind us of just what it meant to be a gamer and a lover of high adventure….As for what lies ahead for Monolith, well, you guys have blown our expectations out of the water. All bets are now off as they say but one thing is sure, you have given us the means, the encouragement and the determination to take this ball and run with it.”


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