Monster_my_neighborA new card game based on secret identity discovery is launching soon in the US thanks to Z-Man Games. Have you ever wondered if your neighbor is hiding a dark secret? What if the secret is that your neighbor is actually a monster? In Monster My Neighbor (previously named, My Neighbor Monster), you will get to find out.

Players are dealt a hand of four cards. One person will be dealt a monster card. The goal is to either uncover the monster’s identity, or keep it a secret from everyone else.

There are various cards that mix up the game’s strategy. For example, a trade or steal card will allow the monster’s identity to switch to a different player. There are also bluff cards that will let you keep your identity a secret for a little bit longer.

The game supports three to eight players and takes about 20 minutes to play. It will retail for $20 and is scheduled to ship in November, just in time for the holiday gift-buying season.

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