unnamedThe TMNT Dice Masters set is coming in May, and I have to say I’m more excited about this release than any other I’ve seen yet. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Set contains everything 2-4 players need to play:

  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook

The set will be $34.99, and is compatible with all other Dice Masters releases. I have to say that I love that Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie are all rocking their original red masks on the box art. It’s a bit strange, though, since the (excellent) Nickelodeon cartoon is still so popular. Either way I’d be happy, as long as it wasn’t the new movie versions.

Along with the Boxed Set you’ll also be able to snag a playmat and dice bags for $19.99 and $14.99 respectively.


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