August will see the retail release of the Lego Ninjago Stormbringer set, a robot dragon programmable with Lego’s Boost system. Suggested retail price is just $40.

Boost is an icon-based programming system designed for builders as young as seven. Programming takes place entirely in a mobile app environment.

Stormbringer can walk, move its head, roar, and shoot bolts from its mouth.

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Quest2Ninjago Lego Tour

Lego Quest2Ninjago

This summer, Lego gives Ninjago fans an opportunity to join in on the action with the Quest2Ninjago Wu-Cru Team Challenge tour. Seven stops, plus a finale at Legoland California Resort, will have participants competing in a variety of physical and mental trials where teamwork is emphasized.

  • Element Tumbler Puzzle—crack the code by solving four color pattern challenges
  • Kai’s Laser Maze—use physical agility to navigate a tangled web of laser rays
  • Jay’s Lightning Maze—guide a wand through a maze without touching the lightning
  • Mystery Tile Puzzle—correctly place tiles on the board to reveal a secret image
  • Madness Mountain—roll boulders down a mock mountain to knock out all the enemies
  • Lloyd’s Ninja Build—use Lego bricks to recreate a ninja sculpture
  • Cole’s Table Maze—tilt the table to guide a ball through the maze
  • Unlock the Chest—find the three pieces to create the key that unlocks the treasure

One team from each city will receive an invitation, travel, and accommodations to participate in the California finale, with the winners there receiving a prize pack that includes the entire 2016 line of Ninjago building sets and a full collection of Ninjago books, DVDs, and apparel.

The Challenge takes place June through August in Austin, Charlotte, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Seattle. The competition is open to children ages 7-12.

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Toy Fair 2016—Lego Ninjago Sky Pirates

For 2016, Lego Ninjago toys and the Ninjago series on Cartoon Network will center around a band of sky pirates. So yes, Lego will be doing ninjas vs. pirates!

Among the first sets, out next month, will be the sky pirates’ Raid Zeppelin ($30), a 294 piece attack-dirigible, and Misfortune’s Keep ($80), a 754 piece flying platform.

March will also see the release of Tiger Widow Island ($50) with an ogre-like figure.

For the masters of Spinjitzu next month there will be the 98 piece Cole’s Dragon ($10) and the 350 piece Jay’s Elemental Dragon ($30).

The next batch of Ninjago releases is expected in August. At that time, the company will put out The Green NRG Dragon ($50), the Ultra Stealth Raider ($100), and The Lighthouse Siege ($70).

But perhaps my favorite set of the bunch isn’t even a flying one. It’s the Salvage M.E.C. (August, $40), a ninja-piloted walker!

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To be honest, it doesn’t seem like there’s much game left in either Lego line. However, since we’re already hooked, here’s what we discovered at Toy Fair…

Legends of Chima is getting a Transformers-like set called Bladvic’s Rumble Bear. The set, which ships in August at $40 retail, converts between a wheeled vehicle and a walking mech.

Also in August, Ninjago will take to the skies with Airjitzu Flyers. The basic $10 sets feature ripcord-powered helicopter like devices that allow Ninjago minifigs to fly (I mean in a controlled way, not like when you throw them at your brother). Six Airjitzu Flyer sets are planned, one each with Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Morro, and Wrayth. One more flyer will be part of the Ronin R.E.X. flying gunship set (August, $50).

Two other Ninjago sets that caught my attention were the 658-piece Attack of the Moro Dragon (August, $70)—with its large dragon figure—and the 311-piece Condrai Copter Attack (March, $30)—in which Skylor will appear as the orange ninja.