For 2016, Lego Ninjago toys and the Ninjago series on Cartoon Network will center around a band of sky pirates. So yes, Lego will be doing ninjas vs. pirates!

Among the first sets, out next month, will be the sky pirates’ Raid Zeppelin ($30), a 294 piece attack-dirigible, and Misfortune’s Keep ($80), a 754 piece flying platform.

March will also see the release of Tiger Widow Island ($50) with an ogre-like figure.

For the masters of Spinjitzu next month there will be the 98 piece Cole’s Dragon ($10) and the 350 piece Jay’s Elemental Dragon ($30).

The next batch of Ninjago releases is expected in August. At that time, the company will put out The Green NRG Dragon ($50), the Ultra Stealth Raider ($100), and The Lighthouse Siege ($70).

But perhaps my favorite set of the bunch isn’t even a flying one. It’s the Salvage M.E.C. (August, $40), a ninja-piloted walker!

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