Fifty years after the game’s first release, Flying Buffalo is bringing back Nuclear War. The classic card game has players attempting to eliminate each others’ populations. Fallout from a nuclear warhead, however, can be unpredictable. And any player wiped out is given a last chance to launch all their remaining cards, thus possibly setting off a chain reaction where everyone loses.

Exploring the collapse of society in a more nuanced fashion is the story game, Downfall. This one sees players building the setting together, in particular its cultural landscape. Then they choose a flaw—like conformity or greed—and narrate how, despite heroic attempts, that flaw becomes the seed of catastrophe.

For those contemplating the aftermath of cataclysm, there’s Conflicted. As much a discussion tool as a card game, Conflicted presents morally challenging situations for preppers. How far are you willing to go to survive?

World War Cthulhu: Cold War is a 1970s espionage setting for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. It’s as if the cold war and potential for mutually-assured destruction weren’t scary enough.

Slip CupSlip Cup is a cup insert that keeps the ball out of the beer in Beer Pong. Sized to fit most 16 and 18 ounce disposable cups, Slip Cup has tabs to keep an on-target ball from bouncing out, and is short enough to hold that ball while leaving room underneath for the penalty beer. A numbered pack of 20 (enables a variety of new games) can be had for a pledge of just $5 plus shipping. I’ll leave you to decide if this project is part of the apocalypse theme.

Last up and definitely off the theme is Hocus. It’s a card game derived from Texas Hold ‘Em Poker but with a fantasy theme that allows a player to cast spells to play cards to the community, the pot, or a personal pocket. Several hands, each with their own community, pot, and pockets can be played simultaneously.

Hocus Kickstarter

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